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Originally Posted by markway895
Aren't the PD dvd releases of Life with Elizabeth and Date With the Angels pretty crappy quality? Or are they worth while to get, for the hard-core Betty White fan? I imagine they would be like the many releases of The Lucy Show public domain releases.
These won't look like I Love Lucy, but then they don't cost much so I think as a "hard-core" fan they are acceptable. A good sampler would be the 2-disc set simply titled "Betty White" I got it for $5.00 at Target and it contains 10 episodes of each show. Both shows are taken from complete, uncut 16mm elements, and they are not bad in quality. (No splices and not too much dirt and lines present). The Date With The Angels eps have the original sponsor bumpers (Plymouth) and 1 ep runs 29 minutes with an elaborate commercial for the introduction of the 1958 Plymouth included. In addition, Betty sings in this ep which is titled "Star Struck". I don't think it would be easy to find the 35mm elements for these shows, so this will be about as good as they get.
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