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Question Anybody Remember These Betty White One Year Wonders???

Betty White, of course, is best remembered for her roles as Rose on "The Golden Girls" and Sue Ann on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," but the actress' TV resumé also includes several less-than-lovingly-remembered series. Take these five:

1. LADIES MAN (1999-2001) -- Alfred Molina starred in the title role. He wasn't a Don Juan, but rather he was the only man in a household of women -- a wife, two daughters and a mother (played by White).

2. MAYBE THIS TIME (1995-96) -- In this comedy, White played the mother of a divorcee (Marie Osmond). Future late-night host Craig Ferguson played their cook.

3. THE BETTY WHITE SHOW (1977-78) -- When "MTM" ended, White got her own (much less successful) sitcom. She played a movie actress offered a TV role on a cop series directed by her ex-husband. ("MTM" co-star Georgia Engel was also part of the ensemble.)

4. DATE WITH THE ANGELS (1957-58) -- Comedy about a bride and her insurance-salesman husband.

5. LIFE WITH ELIZABETH (1953-55) -- White's first show was a local Los Angeles sitcom that eventually would be syndicated nationally. Each half-hour featured three separate episodes in the life of a married couple.

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