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I think sometimes when we watch multiple eps, we lose the sense of more gentle familiarity the viewers originally got -- what was originally not TOO tiresome or stale can become so (I'm currently watching about 15 eps per week: 10 on Antenna and 5 on WHME).

The running gag of Hazel always reminding Mr. B to change his socks is a good example. Combined with the barbs about his weight, Hazel comes off as a persistent nuisance. But I don't think she comes off quite as strong if we're only watching one ep per week, the original pacing. It just reinforces her character.

I like also that Hazel goes right to work on "Mr. Steve [Baxter]" at the start of the final season, counting his vitamin pills to see if he took one. This type of thing shows a really good grasp of the character in the scripting.
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