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Originally Posted by tvcrazed
It's being reported that MISS GUIDED has been canceled (unfortunately). It's mostly a good schedule with an exception. Why would BL get a high profile slot when it gets no more than a 2.0 when Dancing is not its lead in. ABC will come in 3rd or 4th on a night they should come in no less than 2nd. Wife Swap won its time slot with a 2.5 last wednesday at 8pm in the spring which has lower viewing levels. Supernanny got a 4.0 last jan at 10pm on a wednesday (when not against Idol). in fact it usually gets a 2.2 AGAINST Idol. When Bl followed it on Wednesday it lost viewers and got a 1.9. To have those shows wasted on Friday and BL take Monday at 10 makes no sense. Boston Legal was almost cancelled. So now they add it to an important night? Boston legal should be at Friday at 9pm.
The Monday 10pm has been for the last few season used for moderate hit returning, and that is exactly what BL now is. ABC was not planning on bringing it back and were probably thinking (sadly) bringing back The Bachelor on the night.

Because David E Kelley used his exit from Life on Mars to deal a 5th season, ABC put BL the only slot that they could really. Replacing Bachelor with Boston Legal may not be the best idea, but it is a big improvement over Bachelor.

As for Miss/Guided, all the trade media are reporting it as renewed or close to be. Nobody has it as canceled. yet anyway.

As for Supernanny and Wife Swap, these are old series that didn't did that bad when they were against repeat or strike programming. They belong to a night like Friday where nothing much works, the hut level is too low for expensive shows. They will bring the same demo on Friday or better than now and than what CBS drama will at a fraction of the cost.
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