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Default Cheap Groceries

Have you given up on some of your favorite foods because of high prices ?
It seems like since Hostess bit the dust their competitors have jacked up their prices. A new discount grocery store opened up in my neighborhood and I went in there to check it out. They were selling boxes of cupcakes for 69 cents,it was a company I never heard of and the cupcakes were stale and didn't have much taste but the price was delicious. I checked out their meat section and found a pack of those 6 thin porkchops which sells for 7 dollars in the other store I normally shop at but were only 2.99. They didn't look too swift though, kind of gray in color and I could not read the expiration date because someone smudged the ink, probably on purpose. I wonder what my expiration date would have been if I ate them, I decided not to buy them. They did have good prices on potato chips, only a couple bucks for a huge bag not 4-5 dollars like I normally see. Really getting sick of these high prices.
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