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whatever his actual feelings may be, Scott Baio definitely comes across as cold, uncaring and unsympathetic. Regardless of the cause or any contributing factors in her passing, Erin was a human being; someone that he had a close personal relationship with and his choice of words seemed callous and incongruent with that.

I don't really care about his politics, but he seems to use that as an excuse for a lot of things and he causes a lot of problems for himself every time he opens his mouth. He seems to prefer the confrontational stance rather than using any tact, reserve or reason. Maybe that's what happens when you grow up being treated like a celebrity constantly surrounded by sycophants only there to exploit or use you. As for the "fake news" - Chachi has been around the block long enough to know how the media can selectively use words out of context against you; however, in this case weren't his comments in an interview setting and a twitter response respectively - both venues he had a certain amount of control over how he came across?
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