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Default Board Rules

Here are the rules for the message board:

1. We are a PG (PG-13) site - please do not post any disgusting, vulgar, or offensive topics or pictures. Members are expected to self-moderate themselves within these guidelines. Moderators may edit your post if something is over the line. Do not go around the censoring filter by using vBcode to swear, it's not cool.

2. No offensive usernames, avatars, or signatures - they will be removed without warning.

3. Images are not allowed in signatures and please keep the text to no more then 5-10 lines. When the next stable version of vbulletin is released (supposedly soon), we may again allow them for those who make a small donation to help offset our server costs.

4. No personal attacks - do not bring your instant messages, private e-mails or messages to the board. No derogatory comments against other posters, including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation. No personal threats or harassment. No impersonation of other users.

5. No spam or advertising is allowed. Do not post links to warez or any other illegal material.

6. Do not post simply to raise your post count. It's not a contest to see who can post the most. It's quality over quantity.

7. Don't go to another board to post only negative messages.

8. No multiple usernames unless you have another family member on the same computer.

9. Please use the 'Report this post to a moderator' feature if you find an offensive post. While there are additional moderators for many of the boards, it's impossible to keep up with everything and read all posts.

Additional Rules:

10. Posting in all CAPS: Please, No posting any part of post or entire post in all caps. It is considered as yelling or screaming which is not necessary.

We want the Sitcoms Online Message Boards to continue to be a safe and friendly place for all to visit and post. Thanks for your support!

Please e-mail or private message me with any additional rules to be added to this list.

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