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Default my diet plan lost 32 pounds!!

just wanted to let you know I now weight 222!! I lost 32 pounds!! im so proud of my self! i really weighted 260!! then for while i was 244 then i was 230!! now im down to 222!! i was 227 for long time!!my goal is to be skinnier by my birthday or almost skinner my birthday is july 4!! !! if i keep this up i might be skinner sooner! plus i only need to lose 4 pounds then i would weight 220!! ! I also been doing Richard Simmons & lessee Samson lessees she just walks in place!! but I do like 1 mile then I do it aging for another mile!! my mom got me lasis samson at mackeys 1 thru five miles for $8 bucks it coasted like $40 bucks at amazon!! that means that mackeys didn't gave the people who ever traded it in enough money or trade for it!! I also been doing this diet were say you got up at 6:00 am then you can eat anything you want until 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm then you donít eat nothing after 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm then you can drink flavor water ,diet cokes or regular water just not eat nothing until the next day! but your soused to not eat nothing for 8 hours kind of like swimming!! I saw it on the news this one girl she lost 50 pounds!! its not what you eat but what time you eat!!
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