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I have had stuff done to my teeth and believe me it was no fun and it all started when I was gonna go shopping I pulled a piece of chewing gum out of my purse and I started chewing my gum when suddenly I chewed something hard and it turned out it was my tooth and when I told my mother about it we rushed out of the mall and back to the car where she called the dentist and made an appointment for me the next day. And the pain was so bad I couldn't enjoy the Church's Fried Chicken we ate for lunch but my mother kept telling me I would feel better the next day. So anyway I went to the dentist the next day and it turned out I needed a new crown on my tooth and I had to sit there until I got tired. And when I got home I had some ramen noodles and some fruit and then I felt better
Hope it all goes great for you Mikaela and I hope you feel great afterwards
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