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Originally Posted by MegtheEgg86
Yep, that's the one. I think I remember the question immediately asked was why would Presley choose to phone Brewer-Giorgio out of all the people he could've called? I'm sure she had a logical explanation. I bet that special is priceless.
From what I remember of the special, Brewer-Giorgio wasn't claiming (at least then) that Elvis called her. She said the recording was provided by another Elvis fan/researcher who wished to remain anonymous. It was apparent that the tape was of a telephone conversation between two parties, but had been edited in such a way that only the voice of "Elvis" could be heard. Whomever he was speaking with and what they said was deleted. I have also read that Brewer-Giorgio has claimed Elvis did call her, so her story has changed at least once.

I was curious about the backstory of the hoax so I did some Googling. An Elvis impersonator named David Darlock came forward in 1985 and claimed that he made the tape in 1981 for the "Eternally Elvis Fan Club". He even produced a copy of the contract for his services.

I suppose Gail Brewer-Giorgio has denied these claims. Darlock was not mentioned on the "Elvis Files" special with Bixby (circa 1990, not 92). In fact, the recording was touted as authentic. There was even an acoustics analyst who compared the unknown voice on the tape to old recordings of Elvis and said they were a match. Despite the fact that the FBI had done the same analysis back in 1985 and concluded the voice was Darlock's.

This leads me to believe that the special was either very poorly researched or a total snowjob from the start. Since Brewer-Giorgio was one of the producers, I'm guessing the latter.
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