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Originally Posted by justins5256
Are you referring to a tape recording allegedly of a late night phone conversation with Elvis that was made several years after he died?

If so, the recording was debunked as a hoax when the man whose voice was on the tape came forward after the woman who paid him to make the tape bounced the check. The tape, as well as other "evidence" and claims that Elvis still lived were all part of a giant hoax perpetuated by author Gail Brewer Giorgio to sell her books. She also appeared with Bill Bixby on a rather unintentionally humorous 1992 syndicated special called "The Elvis Files" to promote her theories. I have the special on tape and it's pure, unfiltered, bulls***.
Yep, that's the one. I think I remember the question immediately asked was why would Presley choose to phone Brewer-Giorgio out of all the people he could've called? I'm sure she had a logical explanation. I bet that special is priceless.

Originally Posted by Mastermind
If memory serves, this was also featured on Maury Povich's "A Current Affair".

That show at times tried to be the poorman's Unsolved Mysteries.

That intro was classic: tinklytinklytinklySHWONNNGG! (It's so classic I can't even replicate it in type.)
"Why is she lying?, it makes me wonder. What is she hiding?, it makes me wonder."

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