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Originally Posted by Retro4Life
Ridiculous. If AITF had been nothing more than propaganda, it would have failed quickly; the same with Lear's other successes. Sure, he was liberal. But the shows succeeded because he was able to bring out the humanity in all sides. You really think only left wing radicals were watching that show?
EXACTLY! Despite Norman Lear's social and political views, there was in fact occasional scorn directed towards Michael "Meathead" Stivic, over the limits of liberalism. For instance, Gloria was afraid to announce her pregnancy due to Mike's stubborn attitude about overpopulation. In another episode, he went through several couples to serve as Joey's guardians in case anything happened to him and Gloria; the first couple he named Gloria rejected, since they were drug users; eventually they settled on Al and Trudy, Gloria's best friend and Trudy's husband (Al was played by Billy Crystal, BTW). Mike wanted to leave Joey to anybody BUT Archie and Edith, fearing Joey would turn out like Archie! This greatly upsets not just Archie, but Edith as well. Most blatant of all, Mike later divorces Gloria and runs off to a commune with his new girlfriend (one of his students, who is 22 years old), due to his disgust that Ronald Reagan was elected president! He divorces Gloria since shes refused to go, because she didn't want Joey raised in that environment.
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