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Originally Posted by Torgo
Square Pegs
The People Next Door(Starred Jeffrey Jones, co created by Wes Craven)
Automan(Desi Arnez Jr)
Wizards and Warriors
It's Your Move(Jason Bateman)
The Phoenix(1981)
The Powers of Matthew Star
Tales of the Gold Monkey
Freaks and Geeks
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Mr Merlin
Day By Day
G vs E
Max Headroom
E/R(the 80's sitcom with George Clooney)
Police Squad!
Whiz Kids
Misfits of Science
Fernwood 2 Night
Call To Glory
Madame's Place
Man from Atlantis
The Righteous Apples
Earth II
Updated to remove Get A Life (always forget that ran more than 1 season, thanks to plaidman76 for pointing that out )

And to add (since I've since gotten to see them in their entirety thanks to their DVD releases):

Good Morning World
My Mother The Car
Quark (though it didn't run a full season)

Edited again, to remove Angie (thanks Retro!)
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