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Originally Posted by 80s_Fan

Yesterday my cat did something so funny that when it happened, I didn't laugh but, afterwards I was laughing so hard; my boyfriend missed it though cause he went out for a bit; too bad though because it was pretty funny.

She's afraid of plastic bags, and for some reason; one of them got caught on her and she was running like a pyscho all around, and there were some things in the bag that my boyfriend had brought over. At the moment; I was sort of freaking out like her, and finally I stopped her to remove it, and she took off running. I went to check her to make sure she was ok and everything.

Even now, as I'm typing this; I'm laughing. I think now she will be more scared of them.

Your cat's not the only one who does this! If I puff open a garbage bag if Polly's near me, she runs out into the back room of my house.
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