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Originally Posted by GSU2004
Especially when the original version of the series was about to be renewed for a 4th season back in the 70's. I always thought that the show could have easily lasted to 81 or 82 ending with the graduation of Raj and everyone else moving on to new phases of their lives. Mabel King also had greviances and with the kids getting older, obviously there would have been less for her to do. The producers would have to eventually make a decision to either focus more on the post high school lives of the gang or provide more storylines for Mabel and Dee as she was starting high school.

But these are what ifs we'll never know. Berry should have had some vision for the series.
Where did you hear the show was going to be renewed for a fourth season?? I thought the ratings had tanked in season three, hence its cancellation in 1979.
"Sunday has been cancelled due to lack of interest. That is all."
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