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Originally Posted by GSU2004
TVParty and Urbanite Magazine (Georgia State University) reported that Berry wanted more money for season two since he felt he was the REAL start of the show. He tried to get his castmembers to rally behind him for more money for everyone like he did with the original series but no one signed on. He was simply let go. It was reported within both that he was still using substances during the 80's revival of the series.

It's sad because Berry was more of a dancer than an actor. He should have been greatful to get a role on TV and looking back, he did nothing else major outside of the WH franchise in terms of acting. In fact, no one went big or major from WH or WHN.
Indeed, after doing nothing after the cancellation of the original show, Berry should have been thankful that he was getting another TV job and to work with his old castmates as well. But ego is a strange thing that turns and out-of-work has been into a player with a major ego. He shot himself in the foot as he never did anything after leaving the show and he hurt the show, too.
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