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Originally Posted by Heidi Dawn
I haven't watched my season two set yet, I'm still watching season three of 'Charlie's Angels'.
I got season two in the mail just the other day and so far I have no complaints. The boxed set is very nice, how the four discs were put in separate plastic boxes with a summary of the episodes featured on each disc. The audio and video quality appears to be average with some episodes having better video quality than others, wonder why that'd think that if they remaster them digitally, they remaster them least it looked like they did something to the episodes. What makes me sad in a way and I've mentioned this in my previous comments is the lack of extras on this season box set but maybe, if we're lucky, we'll have some on the season three set. I know that many people would like to have some sort of blooper reel on the set if they could get a hold of one.

BTW, Heidi Dawn, you have a nice set of DVDs there in your collection - , bet you never get tired laughing/grinning...
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