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Originally Posted by PZelda
Well, I DO have wavy hair... but I haven't really had decently long hair since '07, so. And now that I think of it, my hair loses waviness as I get older... I had a mini-afro when I was a very little kid in the mid & late 80s.

I've never been one for running - every time I would think about running, I would think back to when it would be physical fitness week (end of every semester, I think) in PE class. My class would do the mile run on the last day of the week and OMG. HATE. My teacher would yell at us, "RUN! KEEP RUNNING! DON'T WALK!" So yeah. My last semester of PE classes was 7 years ago (end of 2001), and it's taken me this long to get over that blasted memory. But believe it or not, I'm starting to like it now - thinking about taking up jogging this spring.

ANYWAY. I'm done hijacking this thread. Back to you, Ashlee! Keep us updated.
haha don't worry about it

I think I may mention it to my doctor next time I go and bring up the anemia relation, but in the mean time I'm going to try to not exert myself so much.
my name is ashlee

Everything is fine.

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