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Originally Posted by 80sTrivia
One of my all-time faves:

[Dorothy is seeking Rose and Blanche’s
opinion of her outfit]
Dorothy: “Okay, girls, which goes better,
the silver chain or the pearls?”
Rose: “The chain.”
Blanche: “An amateur’s mistake. Can’t you
see that the chain accentuates the many folds
of that turkey-like neck?”
Rose: “Well, that may be, but the pearls
draw attention to the non-existent bosom.”
Blanche: “Yes, but the chain leads the eye
even lower, to that huge spare tire jutting out
over those square, manly hips.”
Dorothy: “Why don’t I just wear a sign that
says ‘Too Ugly to Live’?”
Blanche: “Fine. But what are you going to
hang it from, the pearls or the chain?”
Dorothy: “Neither! I’m going to spray paint
it on my hump!”
Oh god, that was funny! You really have to hand it to Bea Arthur for being such a good sport about all of the cracks that were made about Dorothy!
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