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Dorothy: "Oh look at this one. Scrunched-up little frown. Kind of reminds me of my mother." (Dorothy puts down the crab and shattters it open.)
Sophia: "Ingrid Bergman had Paris, my Pussycat has crabs."

Rose: "Oh I think it's romantic it's like something out of a Forties movie. Strong, handsome, daring. (pause) And now she has a man!"

Rose (to Dorothy): "How was the sex?" Dorothy: "So good we named it..."
Lucas (to Blanche and Rose): "...gonna be a great honeymoon, me, Dorothy, and Freddy Peterson." Blanche: "Who's Freddy Peterson?" Lucas: "That's what we named it."

(And the show's last line): Dorothy: "You will always be my sisters....always..."

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