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Monday, November 10 - Friday, November 14:

Monday, November 10, 4:00: "Lucy's Tenant": Former child actor, Jackie Coogan -- better known to baby boomers as Uncle Fester on The Addams Family -- made three guest appearances over the years with Lucille Ball, and always with a good result; they had great chemistry together. This episode, written by Bob O'Brien, is no exception. With Craig away in college, and Kim now living in her own apartment, Lucy decides to rent out a room in her house. She didn't plan on having an incredibly obnoxious tenant!

Tuesday, November 11, 4:30: "Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty": As the title indicates, Joan Rivers is the guest star, although she's not playing herself. This episode, in which Lucy performs one of her funny charades scenes, has Lucy and Joan at odds with one another as fellow jurists.

Wednesday, November 12, 4:30: "The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon": This is not a particularly great episode, I'm just pointing it out because it represents a pop-cultural touchstone at the time, with Lucie Arnaz and Frankie Avalon doing a very good take-off on Sonny and Cher, whose CBS program at the time was a huge ratings hit. They filed for divorce just months after this aired. To help Lucie prepare for her Cher imitation, Cher allowed Lucie to spend a day following her around on the set of her own show.

Friday, November 14, 4:00: "Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party": This is a very funny Madelyn Davis/Bob Carroll, Jr. script about Harry renting out Lucy's living room to a movie producer, forcing Lucy out of her home for the time being. This episode includes a scene with Lucille Ball performing some wonderful physical comedy. And a note about the episode that follows, "Meanwhile, Back at the Office": Season five of the series had concluded with Harry selling the office and Lucy putting up a sign that said "Temporarily Out of Business." But the sixth season opened with everything back to normal and Lucy and Harry still working at the agency. There was no explanation as to how Harry wound up back in business again. This episode is the only time in the sixth season that even alludes to Harry having sold the agency previously. It's just a line where Lucy tells Kim that Harry has sold the agency "again."
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