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Originally Posted by bonniegirl62
Yes I did get to watch the Joe Namath ep. I was wondering why the second ep was one that was already shown from a past season? It was the one about Bogie the sheep dog and her pups. I liked that ep. but still wondering why they were showing it instead of a season 5 ep?

It was cool seeing "Broadway Joe" and Desi Jr. again. I liked when Joe came to the house and Kim's reaction. Normal excited girl if a good looking pro football player was visiting. Unlike on the Brady Bunch, Marcia and Jan were so nonchalant when Joe Namath was there! Like it's everyday a pro football player comes to your house! I guess because the ep was focusing on Bobby, they didn't have the girls make a fuss over him so much!

Back to Lucy, I was glad that Craig still did good even with Joe criticizing him per Lucy's request. He realized on his own that tennis was really his game. Better than being discouraged. Kim's long granny dress was pretty, and those dresses were very in style back than. But I know if I were her, I'd be wearing a mini skirt to meet Joe Namath. He totally seems like the kind of guy that would like to see a girl in a mini skirt. But than Lucy would have more to worry about , she had enough with her son wanting to play football to not have to worry about her daughter looking too sexy too!

I liked Dirty Gertie too. Lucille Ball really can play a bag lady roll well. Did you see The Stone Pillow? Wow she was really good in that! OMG when it really was gin she was drinking , that was really funny!
Good, I'm glad to know the didn't preempt Dirty Gertie, too, but I'm bugged about the others that Cozi did skip. Personally, I'm not so fond of the Bogie episode. That script was for the dogs (pun intended). And I do love dogs, I just think the whole business with Jack LaLanne made no sense. The Petula Clark episode they skipped over was better. The episode they ran instead of the Donny Osmond episode was the Chinese Laundry episode. At least that one was funny, but the Osmond show was worth seeing. I'm glad you enjoyed the Joe Namath episode. I just thing the script is rather dull. Nothing funny happens. But you're probably correct that it's a little more realistic than the Brady Bunch Joe Namath episode. I do remember those "granny" dresses. LOL! My sister used to wear them.

As for Stone Pillow, yes, I've seen it and I think Lucille Ball should have AT LEAST been nominated for an Emmy for her performance. The script itself was not too solid, nor was Daphne Zuniga's character, but Ball really gave a very convincing and compelling portrayal.
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