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We've agreed elsewhere that the girls' mistakes, and character flaws, are not bloopers - they're not perfect and that makes them human. But have you ever noticed how their advice to each other is often at odds with their own reactions in similar situations.

Sophia counsels Blanche to accept her brother Clayton falling in love with another man and holding a commitment ceremony - that it's no different than Blanche wanting to make a lifetime, public, commitment to George. But then Sophia is so embarrassed about Phil's cross-dressing. No, cross-dressing is not the same as being gay, but I guess I have a hard time with someone being so enlightened about one and so embarrassed about the other. And Sophia implied she wouldn't want Phil to be gay either, when she asks in the funeral episode, "was he queer?"

Blanche can see how cruel her daughter's boyfriend, Jeremy is, but can't see it when Rex Huntington treats her the same way.

Sophia also counsels Dorothy not to meddle between Kate and Dennis, even though Sophia never stopped trying to tell Dorothy what to do about Stan, or other men.

I can think of at least three times when Blanche counseled another woman not to be as, well, friendly, as Blanche always claimed SHE was:

"What men find you, is available, and that's no compliment...when I'm with a man it's because I like him, not because I want him to like me." - to her niece Lucy - I really couldn't see where Lucy's behavior was any different from Blanche's.

"Play hard to get, it drives a man crazy." To Sophia, in "Old Boyfriends." (Dorothy called Blanche on that one.)

"If you keep Miles at bay, wonderful things will happen..." to Rose, in "Girls Just Wanna..." And then later she said that she knew her men were superficial compared to Miles, but she doesn't seem to act on learning that lesson.

And Blanche advises Rose to be patient with her boyfriend Ernie's "problem." Wonder if Blanche really could be that patient?

Then, Dorothy is so amazed that her daughter Kate would take her husband back after the affair - even though Dorothy kept going back and forth with Stan.

Blanche dates older men but go so upset about her father's new wife.

Blanche and Dorothy get upset about their parents remarrying, but they stick up for Rose when Miles' daughter is opposed to the relationship. (Not that Rose didn't deserve the support, or that Caroline wasn't mean.)

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