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I believe that is the episode where Dorothy's daughter gets married. You can see the camera come into the shot out on the lanai. Also in the Operation, you can see the microphone come down when Sophia walks into the livingroom from the bedroom when Rose and Blanche are dancing.

Originally Posted by JetA
There is also an episode where you can see equipment. I can't remember what episode it is right now, but I'll post again as soon as I see it (which shouldn't be long as I watch them every day). I remember that Rose is standing in the living room right outside the kitchen door facing into the living room. As she's talking, you can for a second see the bottom of a black microphone move drop down over the top of her head barely into the camera's view. It was really weird the first time I noticed it because it reminded me that the house was a set and not really a house. lol
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