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Season Three
June 6, 1986 - January 16, 1987

Soup to Nuts

Original Airdate: June 6, 1986
Special Guests: None in this episode.

Mama is the editor of the annual church bazaar cookbook. She is planning to use her own recipe for chili. Iola objects to that, thinking it should be hers that Mama should be using. Naomi takes the opportunity to say she makes the best chili and that HER recipe should be in the cookbook instead. They argue but then come to a solution. They decide to have to a chili cook-off with the winner getting her recipe in the cookbook. Vint is the one stuck in the middle of this argument, so against his will, he is voted as the judge of this cook-off.

All three have identical kitchen utensils. Mama and Iola both have identical ingredients (with minor differences - Mama has whole bay leaves from the bag and Iola has canned bay leaves), but Naomi's ingredients are far different. Hers includes two giant cans of store-bought chili, plus beer, Cheeto’s and several other items not usually associated with chili. Naomi says it brings back a certain memory from each one of her ex-husbands.

Each bowl is lettered as the contest begins and Vint decides Bowl “B” is the best, which belongs to Iola, so she grabs her bowl and runs home to show her father and dare her mother to throw it out again (Earlier, Iola had told Mama a story about when she was in Girl Scouts and needed her Merit Badge, so she made chili, ran upstairs to tell her father she’d made chili, and when she got back to serve it, it was all gone because her mother had dumped all of it down the sink). However, as soon as she is gone, Mama and Naomi both force Vint to make his real decision. Instead of doing so, he dumps the contents of Bowl “A” (Mama’s bowl) into Bow “C” (Naomi’s bowl), saying it would be the best chili ever. However, after just one bite, he starts gagging, saying both bowls of chili tastes awful together.

Farewell, Fran

Original Airdate: June 13, 1986
Special Guests: Earl Boen as Reverend Meechum, Brent Spiner as Mr. Conroy and Dorothy Van as Aunt Effie.

Mama's sister, Fran, has just passed away, and she is grief-stricken over this. Mama just can't bring herself to tell the others in her family how Fran actually died (it was by inhaling a toothpick in the ladies’ room at the Bigger Jigger, but there‘s more to the story than just this). Mama is never the less determined to give her late sister something she never had, a "perfect day". But things soon turn from perfect to terrible as one disaster after another strikes.

First, Mama finds out Don and Loraine won't be there and of course, Buzz and Sonia won't either (for unexplained reasons) and Ed and Eunice have moved to Florida (a blessing to Mama). Then, Ellen calls and says she has more pressing business and can't make it, either. Later, as the family gets home from the funeral, we find out Vint forgot to shut the hearse door, resulting in the coffin flying out of the hearse and down the on-ramp onto the freeway.

The house is a mess and they believe they've been robbed, but it turns out that Eunice and Ed's son Bubba (just completed his sentence at juvenile hall) has arrived after finding his old home locked up. Mama is the one to tell him Ed and Eunice moved to Florida and he has to stay with her because he's on probation and can't leave the state. Also, much to the aggravation of Vint and Naomi, Mama gives Bubba Fran's old room.

When There‘s a Will

Original Airdate: June 20, 1986
Special Guests: Ralph Manza as Larwin P. Finstadler.

Mama finds Fran's dairy in Bubba’s dresser when she goes to get Bubba for breakfast. Inside is a note telling Mama to call the executor of her will, Larwin P. Finstadler. When Mr. Finstadler arrives, he informs Mama that Fran was worth $35,000. Fran's will stipulated 10% of that would go to the "Ray of Hope Home for Wayward Girls". But the other $31,500 was to be split evenly between Mama, and Vint and Naomi. Only one stipulation stands between Mama and the money, she has to keep from losing her temper for a period of two weeks and it's totally on her honor.

So for the next two weeks, Vint and Naomi wait on her hand and foot, trying to keep her from getting upset, a few of which included paying Bubba $10 to do his homework, doing the dishes and most of the other housework. While they begin to bicker among themselves, Mama relaxes and takes it easy.

On the last day, Mr. Finstadler arrives, and Mama comes back from the Beauty Spot in a terrible mood. Her car was smashed up and the guy left a note just to fool the witnesses into thinking he was leaving his name and address. Then she sat in paint waiting for the bus, destroying her new dress. Mr. Finstadler says the dress doesn't suit her anyway and she tells him off and throws him out. So the entire estate goes to the "Ray of Hope Home for Wayward Girls".

National Mama

Original Airdate: June 27, 1986
Special Guests: Gil Stratton as The Announcer.

Vint, Naomi and Bubba head out to RayDowns for a day at the races. All of them have plans on which horses to bet on and each with a different system for selecting the horses. While they are making their picks, Mama tells them about a dream she had had the night before. Vint decides to pick the horse that matches what happened in Mama's dream. Surprisingly, Vint's horse comes in first place and he ends up winning a hundred picks on a 25 to 1 shot and it's all because of Mama's dream.

Knowing she was sleeping when they got home, the family gets Mama to relay what happened in the her last dream and even though she thinks it's a waste of her time, she does it anyway and they find a horse again that matches the dream in the 4th race the next day. After some trouble getting the race on the radio, they finally pick it up right as Mama's pick crosses the finish line and makes them a winner again.

Now convinced she can pick winners Mama can't seem to get to sleep that night. The family is heavily counting on her picks for the exacta the next day. After watching movies all night, Mama dozes off at the kitchen table as the rest of the family gets up for breakfast. She tells them about her dream when they wake her, and they rush off to place their bets. As it turns out, Mama's dream did give them the winners and in the correct order, but they focused on the wrong part and end up losing everything.

Best Medicine

Original Airdate: July 4, 1986
Special Guests: Susan Barnes as The Nurse and Betty White as Ellen Jackson.

The family is in the middle of a game of Scrabble when Ellen stops by with a gift for Mama and to attempt to once again apologize for missing her Aunt Fran's funeral. Mama refuses to forgive her and throws her out. Later, Naomi comes in and says she heard that Ellen was in the hospital just about to undergo surgery. With that, Mama drags the rest of the family to the hospital to visit her.

The visit soon turns very uncomfortable for Ellen as Mama begins yelling at the family for one reason or the other. Not able to stand it any longer, Ellen calls for the nurse and orders her to throw the family out and post an armed guard at the door. Mama finally sends everyone home, but sneaks back in herself and stays with Ellen through the night.

Mama and Ellen soon forgive one another for all the years of fighting and Ellen finally reveals to Mama why she is the hospital in the first place, she's having a fanny tuck. Mama then makes some revelations of her own, when she says out of all her kids, she always loved Ellen best.

Fly Naomi

Original Airdate: July 18, 1986
Special Guests: None in this episode.

Unhappy with the rut she's gotten into, Naomi decides to make a change and arrives home with the news that, after seeing an advertisement in the paper, she's decided to attend school to train as a flight attendant. Vint gets upset because she didn't ask him first. Meanwhile, Bubba joins the debate team to be near a girl he has a crush on.

Naomi aces her first exam, which only serves to make Vint more upset. With a growing rift between Vint and Naomi, Iola tries to make her move and asks Vint to have ice cream with her one night. What Vint views as innocent, Mama see clearly as Iola trying to get her claws into Vint and tells him so in no uncertain terms.

Naomi tries to get everyone in the family to help her train for that night's big test, but the only one who will is Mama. Who quickly proceeds to drive her nuts. Later, Bubba announces he's been kicked off the debate team for not knowing the Electoral College had nothing to do with electricity. Just as the family gets excited about all the free flights they'll get as the family of a flight attendant, Naomi dashes their hopes by arriving home and announcing she failed her simulated test.

Cat‘s Meow

Original Airdate: August 1, 1986
Special Guests: None in this episode.

Iola is distraught when her cat Midnight dies, although everyone else is thankful, noting that the cat was as mean as a rattlesnake. However, Iola refuses to let go and nothing can console her, until she decides to have it freeze-dried. She goes all out and buys a model that meows when you pet it. She leaves it with Mama for a while, so Iola can prepare her mother for the news. Mama, absolutely refusing to keep the freeze dried furball in the same house as her, takes it out to the front porch and leaves it at the top of the steps.

Vint, Naomi and Bubba all come home from trunk-hunting with a trunk. Vint was the one walking backwards, so when they carry the trunk up the front steps, Vint falls on it. Thinking they killed Midnight, they panic and bury it in the backyard before Mama finds out. After they are done, they go back inside to open the locked trunk. Iola soon arrives to retrieve her cat and finds out it has accidentally been destroyed and that Vint, Naomi and Bubba think they killed it.

Iola demands they pay for the cost to have Midnight restored. None of them have any money, so they all agree to split what's inside the trunk. Iola notices the trunk has a hole on the side of it, so they pop the lock and discover it is the home of a mom cat and three of her kittens, one of which looks just like Iola's former pet. Iola adopts it immediately and names it “Sunshine“.

An Ill Wind

Original Airdate: August 8, 1986
Special Guests: Dorothy Van as Aunt Effie.

Mama needs help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, so she wakes Naomi and Vint up. Mama puts Naomi right to work on drying the dishes, while Vint goes to pick up Aunt Effie and Iola (who's invited to dinner) arrives to help. While Naomi is working on the dishes, a storm starts coming in and a sudden clap of thunder makes Naomi drop Mama’s gravy boat she was drying. It breaks cleanly in half, and Naomi goes down to the basement to hide the evidence.

Bubba leaves just after this incident occurs because he has to be in a Thanksgiving play as part of his punishment from juvenile hall. Shortly after, Vint arrives with Effie and her god-awful rum balls, and they announce that a tornado is headed for Raytown. At this very moment, a tree crashes through the dining room window, making everyone head for the basement to seek shelter. The back door blows open shortly after that and the ironing board (which was by the door) falls against the basement door and traps them.

Everyone is starving after a few hours, but fortunately Effie has her rum balls with her. Iola digs right in and has a little too much because then she passes out playing poker shortly after that. They continue to play cards for a few hours until Naomi goes to search for something and finds a hatchet. Vint is able to break through the door with the hatchet, move the ironing board and get out, just in time to for the turkey to finish cooking and to set the table.

Mama and Dr. Brothers

Original Airdate: August 15, 1986
Special Guests: Dr. Joyce Brothers as herself and Wayne Morton as Eddie Edwards.

Vint and Naomi are having trouble in the bedroom. Vint is afraid he is going lose his job because Kwik Keys is being taken over by a large corporation, and Naomi doesn’t understand why Vint is so stressed out (he won’t tell Naomi why). Mama and Iola soon discover exactly what it is when they turn on the TV to “Good Morning, Raytown“, and special guest Dr. Joyce Brothers agrees to take a few phone calls live on-air.

The first one is from a woman, with a husband named Clint (who works at Kwik Keys). She says her husband has been having trouble performing in bed lately. Mama figures out pretty quickly that it is actually Naomi talking about their problems. Dr. Brothers says their problem might have to do with stress at work, or it could be stress from living with an in-law. Later, after taking phone calls all day from people about the show, Mama questions Naomi about it, and Vint arrives home soon afterwards and is in a foul mood.

To solve the situation, Mama rushes to the airport with Vint and Naomi to catch Dr. Brothers before she leaves for Tulsa. Joyce suggests Vint and Naomi take a trip to get away from everything in an attempt to liven up the marriage. They then rush off to make the reservations for a weekend in Hinckley.

Steal One, Pearl Two

Original Airdate: August 22, 1986
Special Guests: Jack Dodson as Gus.

Bubba wants to borrow $200 to buy a new drum set. Iola is upset because she can't get her jewelry box open so she can put her pearls away. She brings the box over for Vint, the locksmith, to open. When he can't, Bubba quickly borrows a bobby pin from Iola and easily gets it opened. Iola heads home after that, only to return a few minutes later in search of her beloved pearls, which has mysteriously disappeared.

Iola is quick to accuse Bubba, who comes in with a brand new drum set, claiming he borrowed them from a friend of a friend whose name he forgets. Pretending to defend Bubba, Mama throws Iola out. Now convinced, she too accuses Bubba. Feeling betrayed by his own family, Bubba attempts to run away from home.

She finds him at the Rayhound bus station and tells him the story of what happened when Eunice tried to run away (Eunice only made it across the river to Bump). She tells Bubba that she believes him now, and that convinces Bubba to come home. In the end, they find the pearls stuck to the back of a pillow on the couch where they had been all along.

The Love Letter

Original Airdate: August 29, 1986
Special Guests: Bill Wiley as George.

Naomi is giving Bubba and Vint a love test to see how romantic they are from Iola’s latest issue of “Ladies Circle.” As it turns out, Vint is a "Cold Fish" and Bubba is a "Red Hot Romeo." Vint decides to try and be more romantic and talks Bubba into writing a love letter for Naomi.

Vint puts it in her makeup case, but Bubba moves it to her purse. Just then, Naomi comes down the stairs and watches as Bubba puts the note in her purse. Naomi thinks that Bubba wrote it to her and she begins to freak out, she slips it into Iola’s copy of “Ladies Circle.“ Iola comes in, picks up her copy and the note falls out. She thinks that Vint wrote it for her. She comes into the kitchen and accidentally leaves it under George's clipboard while he's working on Mama's refrigerator. George tells Mama to look at his clipboard (he knocked off a $15 charge), where Mama finds it and thinks it was George who wrote the letter.

Iola shows up minutes later, ready to claim Vint as her own. Naomi is trying to explain to Bubba, and Mama is freaked out, thinking George is after her. Soon enough, everybody stops talking as Vint explains everything. Problem solved!

Grandma USA

Original Airdate: September 26, 1986
Special Guests: Wayne Morton as Eddie Edwards, Betty Bunch as Contestant #1, Rosemarie Costellano as Contestant #2, Joy Claussen as Contestant #3, Nancy Marlow as Contestant #4, Pamela Morris as Contestant #5, Micki Varro as Contestant #6 and Francine York as Contestant #7.

Mama is surprised to learn she was entered in the Grandma USA contest by Bubba. She is reluctant to compete at first, but changes her mind when she finds out the grand prize is a dream kitchen, complete with a self-cleaning oven. Vint starts to wonder why they would select Mama out of all the other entries. Bubba tells Vint it's because he sent in Naomi's picture instead of Mama's.

Mama discovers that fact after they are greeted by the host, Raytown personality Eddie Edwards. He thinks Naomi is entering. They end up explaining to him what Bubba did. After considering his options, Edwards agrees to let Mama compete instead, thinking it might be a novelty to have someone in the pageant who really looks like a grandma. None of the others certainly don't look like grandmas.

For the talent competition, Mama sings a song her daddy taught her when she was young, so she could sing to his buddies at the Jigger (now the Bigger Jigger). Mama makes the final three, but ends up finishing second in the final vote. A result she doesn't take well, as she takes over the show and demands a recount.

When There‘s Smoke

Original Airdate: October 3, 1986
Special Guests: Earl Boen as Reverend Meechum, Yeardley Smith as Bonita Rokeke and Anne Haney as Alberta Meechum.

Mama desperately wants to be named President of the Church Ladies League, but the decision is made solely by Reverend Meechum. Mama invites the Reverend and Alberta Meechum to dinner. Just before dinner begins, Bubba sees in the newspaper that one of his former inmates (aka The Keek) at juvenile hall has escaped. She gets to Raytown and climbs up to Bubba's bedroom window and demands he get her some food, because she is STARVING.

When Mama comes to check and see if he is ready for the dinner, Bonita hides in the closet until she leaves. The Reverend and Alberta arrive early, and they sit down to dinner. When they are saying grace, Mama sees Bubba trying to shoo Bonita away from the window. She goes to the kitchen window, pulls down the blind and panics. The doorbell rings and it's Bonita who walks right in, sits down and starts eating.

Mama tries to pass her off as her Swedish exchange student, but the ruse comes undone as Vint exposes her, and Alberta throws a fit. That prompts Mama to tell her off. Vint and Bubba talk Bonita into going back to juvenile hall to finish her sentence and Reverend Meechum says he has decided to name Mama the President of the Church Ladies League after what he saw tonight.

Desperately Seeking Anyone

Original Airdate: October 10, 1986
Special Guests: Jack Manning as Ralph Washburn.

Iola rushes in, panicking after a man sits down beside her on the bus. Mama and Naomi, thinking exactly what she needs is a man, concoct a plan to find a date for Iola. So Naomi suggests they place an advertisement in the “Raytown Singles” paper. They have to decide how to make Iola sound exciting, which is neatly solved when Mama herself writes the advertisement for the paper.

They tell Iola what they did after placing the advertisement and she nearly faints upon hearing the news. Her advertisement only gets four replies, with only one being worth replying to, in Mama's opinion. Iola's mother refuses to let her go out with anyone, so Mama sets it up so Iola can borrow their house for her date while the rest of the family go bowling.

As the family is leaving, Iola begs Mama to stay and chaperone their date. The night gets off to a cold start as Iola spends most of the time sitting on the end of the couch, scared to death. Mama is just the life of the party, trying to get Iola to loosen up and tell Ralph that Iola isn‘t normally like that. After Mama has gone into the kitchen and Iola excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Ralph finds Mama dancing in the kitchen and coaxes her to join him. He soon makes a move on Mama, Iola comes into the kitchen and catches Ralph hugging Mama. Mama throws him out, upsetting Iola. Mama has to explain to Iola that he really wasn‘t the man for her.

Porn Again

Original Airdate: October 17, 1986
Special Guests: Dorothy Van as Aunt Effie, Helen Page Camp as Pearl and Joan McMurtney as Maggie.

Mama is appalled when she finds a girlie magazine named Casanova under Bubba's bed while cleaning. She wants to know where Bubba got such a magazine. It comes out that Naomi, who wasn't paying much attention, sold it to him a few days before at Food Circus. Thinking something needs to be done, Iola has the idea to boycott Food Circus until they stop selling magazines like that.

Iola, Mama, Aunt Effie and Pearl form MOP (Mothers Opposing Pornography), and set out to picket in front of Food Circus, much to the dismay of Naomi. Who insists they go home. First Pearl breaks ranks for a tuna offer and then Effie needs to use the bathroom, and finally Iola leaves when the store offers Triple Coupons. Just as it seems all hope is lost, the media arrives and they end up getting on the National news.

Continuing the fight, the quartet (named MOP) are busy planning their next move when they get a call from Hollywood about a TV movie offer. Naomi comes in wanting to negotiate, but Mama plays hardball, refusing to give in unless her demands are met. However, she is reminded this will be good for the movie. The manager of Food Circus agrees to move the magazines behind the counter with only the titles showing, in exchange for the strike being called off. MOP agrees, the decision is made and the director calls her back to let her know he will be making the TV movie after all.

Santa Mama

Original Airdate: October 24, 1986
Special Guests: George Fulton as Maynard, Myra Turley as Maynard‘s Mom, Marne Patterson as Dorrie and Christopher Burton as Chris.

Mama has the holiday blues and Vinton has been chosen to play Santa at the Raytown Mall. Bubba needs some money to buy a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, so Vint tells Bubba that he can take pictures of the kids on Santa’s lap (he’ll make one dollar per picture). Later on in the day, the men bring in the Christmas tree and when they are decorating, Mama can’t find the star that Carl made on their first Christmas together, so that makes her even more bummed.

The next day, everybody (including Iola) is at the mall to see Vint play Santa. There’s a holdup because of the traffic and the kids are getting impatient. Vint finally runs in, telling them that he practiced too much last night and lost his voice. Mama is forced to fill in at the last minute as Santa Claus. Along the way, she deals with many brats, but is touched by a little girl who wanted to have tools for her unemployed daddy. Mama is so touched by the little girl, that she goes out and gets tools for the little girl‘s daddy after she is done playing Santa. That blows Mama’s holiday blues right out the window, and she is even more overjoyed when she looks up at the Christmas tree and discovers Carl‘s star is sitting upon the top of the tree!

Have it Mama‘s Way

Original Airdate: October 31, 1986
Special Guests: William Frankfather as Lester, Glen Ash as Bud, Ben Hartigan as Pops and Lyndsey Fields as Sue.

Iola shows up to announce the Church Ladies League is setting up a trip to Hawaii. The vacation will run $900 per person, which would wipe out Mama's savings. Naomi wants to go with Vint, but it would cost them twice as much. Vint wants to use the money on a "new" used pick-up truck, the pick-up of his dreams, which results in an argument between them.

Meanwhile, Bubba is applying for a job at MacRay‘s, Mama drives him there so he can fill out his application. While Bubba is filling it out, Mama looks it over, changes a few things and forces him to re-write part of it. After the manager tells Bubba he's had a lot of applicants, Mama talks her way into a job at the restaurant, even though she didn‘t want the job in the first place. She was only there to get Bubba a job. Both end up getting a job and start on the same morning.

Mama firsts starts out being nice and too slow for the manager's liking (Bubba had already waited on four customer's to Mama's one), so he tells her to go faster. She goes for speed and is too rude for his liking, so she begs him for one more change. That's when the family comes in with Iola. Naomi goes over to Bubba, and Iola wants lunch instead of breakfast, so Mama gets fed up and throws a huge fit, and gets herself fired.


Original Airdate: November 7, 1986
Special Guests: Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Minter.

Mama and Vint are preparing for the Church Ladies League Mother's Day luncheon, where they will be performing and Iola will be doing a poem she wrote. Naomi takes a break to go outside to check the mail. She finds an anonymous letter asking for information on the whereabouts of a long-lost son.

Vint soon becomes convinced it's him when he thinks about being one of only two boys on the block that were his age. He then hears Mama talking about how all her kids and her husband Carl where redheads, except Vint. He's more convinced than ever and decides to call the number included in the letter.

Vint turns up missing when it is time for dress rehearsal for the Mother's Day luncheon. We find out that he found the lady who sent the letter and brought her to the house. Where Mama reveals to Ms. Minter that Vint is just a bum and that he doesn't own anything, Ms. Minter starts to badmouth Vint and says she sent out two hundred letters for nothing. Mama tells Mrs. Minter off and throws her off her property.

Fangs Alot, Mama

Original Airdate: November 14, 1986
Special Guests: Lewis Arquette as Grand Viper and Brent Spiner as Billy Bob.

Naomi is worried sick because Vint is late in getting home and hasn't called yet. When he finally arrives, he announces he's been invited to join The Mystical Order of the Cobra, a local men’s club. He has to memorize the entire contents of the Cobra handbook, so he heads off to the basement to study alone.

Naomi is excited at first, but Mama tells her the story of a woman whose husband joined and ended up leaving her. Vint is soon having trouble learning everything he needs, so Bubba suggests he use crib notes. Bubba gives Mama the crib notes in an envelope to give to Vint. But Mama, not wanting Vint to make it in, trades the cards with her recipe cards.

Later, as Mama tells Iola what she did, Iola tells Mama what will happen if Vint doesn't get in. He'll be hissed out by the people in this group. So Mama, not wanting that to happen to Vint, rushes to the ceremony and sneaks in. She takes away Vint's crib notes after he misses his first two questions and they mistake the cards as hers and they hiss her out. In the end, Vint gets in after getting the last question correct.

Mama‘s Cousin

Original Airdate: November 21, 1986
Special Guests: Vicki Lawrence as Cousin Lydia.

Mama's worldly cousin (Vicki Lawrence in a dual role), Lydia, annoys Mama with her never ending stories.

Buck Private Bubba

Original Airdate: December 5, 1986
Special Guests: Donald May as Sergeant Gibbs, Heidi Helmer as Melanie Noble, Tim Conway, Jr. as Recruit #1 and Calvin Mason as Recruit #2.

After Bubba is dumped by his girlfriend (Melanie), he takes some advice from an old friend of Vint's from their army days and enlists in the army. He is soon regretting the move when Melanie comes back to apologize and they get back together. Bubba is stuck, but right as he is about to take the oath of allegiance, Mama rushes in and breaks the news that Bubba can't join the army because he's a convicted felon.

Mama With the Golden Arm

Original Airdate: December 12, 1986
Special Guests: Bill Kirchenbauer as Floyd, John Carroll Lynch as The Waiter, Kathleen Freeman as Big Joan and Nicholas Worth as Big John McCall.

Mama emerges as a contender in an arm-wrestling competition.

It Takes Two to Watusi

Original Airdate: December 19, 1986
Special Guests: Jennifer Richards as Luann Fayette.

Naomi's best friend Luann has recently divorced and Naomi wants to set her up with a friend of hers for a double date with Vint and her to play miniature golf. Before Luann ever arrives, her date calls to say he can't make it. Naomi then suggests Bubba could be a last minute stand-in. Mama nearly goes through the roof when she hears this and says NO! because she doesn’t want Bubba to be associating with the likes of Luann.

After a lengthy discussion, Mama gives in and lets Bubba decide for himself, while trying to lay a guilt trip on him. It fails miserably and the foursome is soon ready to leave, until Mama announces she's coming too, with her partner Iola. Mama and Iola win at mini-golf, and are ready for a game of Yahtzee, but Vint and Naomi refuse and go on to bed.

Mama goes on to bed herself as Bubba walks Luann to her car. She asks for a glass of water and he runs back inside to get it for her, but what he doesn't know is she followed him in and they soon end up making out. That makes Bubba drop and break the glass he had, waking up Mama. Mama comes down to check on him, and in that time, Luann gets away and an unknowing Mama feels she may have misjudged her.

After the Fall

Original Airdate: January 9, 1987
Special Guests: Dorothy Van as Aunt Effie.

Aunt Effie is in the hospital because she has fell after trying to re-shingle the roof of her house. Mama thinks she is just in shock and needs to be around the family. Meanwhile, Vint finds the puzzle of the Monitar and the Merimac at Kippur's Drug, the one he's been looking for. Because of that, nobody is in the mood to go to the hospital. Mama finds Effie in the gift shop with her gown wide open, standing in a daze. So, she decides to take her home and take care of Effie herself.

When the family finds out that Mama brought Effie home to take care of her, they're shocked. However, Mama believes that Effie CAN get well. Mama has two weeks to get Effie better, or she'll have to go back to the hospital. The next two weeks are not easy, and Mama is more patient with her than anyone ever thought she could be, while the family continues to work on the puzzle.

The weeks come to a close, and it appears Mama's plan has failed. However, on the last day, just before she is ready to leave, something happens. The family is busy yelling at Mama about wanting to keep Effie home, when Effie finds the last piece to Vint's puzzle and fits it in. After that, Effie finally talks, and the whole family is happy to have her back to normal again.

The Best Policy

Original Airdate: January 16, 1987
Special Guests: George McDaniel as Stony Hall.

Vint brings home a new electric blanket he got for signing up for a life insurance policy. A few minutes later, his insurance agent arrives for him to sign the papers. It turns out this gentleman is an old boyfriend of Naomi's, Stony Hall. Stony explains that the policy is worth $200,000 in case of accidental death and much to Mama's dismay, Vint announces that Naomi is his sole beneficiary.

Following the announcement, Vint starts getting into accidents. First, he almost electrocutes himself while working on Naomi's hair dryer, while it is still plugged in. Second, he falls down the basement stairs, slipping on a bottle of Naomi's nail polish and spraining his ankle in the process. That gives Iola the idea that Naomi is trying to bump Vint off for the money. She becomes convinced, as does Mama, after Bubba spies Naomi and Stony eating at a Chinese restaurant with the insurance policy in hand.

Mama and Iola watch closely as Naomi fixes Vint a bowl of soup, and mixes in a mysterious powder. Thinking it's poison Naomi is mixing in, they rush to his defense. After stopping Vint from eating the soup, they began to smell gas and figure out it's coming from the heater, where the pilot light blew out. Naomi comes to the rescue and stops the rest of the gas from leaking out. At last, Naomi explains that they decided to not take the policy, because it cost way too much.
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