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Default The Jack Benny Program - The Lost Episodes DVD Review

Jack Benny kept Americans laughing for over 30 years on both radio and television, but despite that, a lot of his work has not really been seen in recent times. Although his TV series, The Jack Benny Program, does sometimes air on TV in a syndication package (from Universal) as well as public domain episodes, what we see is only a small portion of his overall legacy. A lot of this has to do with the finicky nature of the early days of television, where not everything was preserved (as it is today). As a result of all of this, there are many lost episodes of the TV comedy series out there that haven't been seen since they originally aired. While we will almost certainly never see all of those, Shout! Factory has remedied this somewhat with their release of The Jack Benny Program: The Lost Episodes, a collection of 18 long lost episodes of the series.

Read our review by skees53 here:

Please post any questions or comments about this set.
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