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#157 - Ah Wilderness

the one where the guys go on a camping vacation and Ritchie wants to be the leader....

I liked this one a lot.... lots of jokes, change of scenery, new characters - I just noticed that Ralph's date, the retainer-bound, lisping Susie Simmons was played by Julie Brown, who starred in a bunch of hilarious movies, including Earth Girls Are Easy !! - of course, Ralph ran over her when he saw the bear...

Potsie had some good ones in there too, forgetting the matches and the can opener -
Fonzie: "You know that we're gonna open them with your forehead?" (the cans)

Why does Ritchie get so power-mad when he gets his hands on a whistle? I can understand him feeling competitive with the Fonz, but the decisions he made were really sort of bad, and the whistle was destined to be his downfall

your thoughts?
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