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#159 - Hot Stuff & #160 - The New Arnold's

This 2-parter is a pretty important milestone in the series, it marks a change in the look and feel of the show. When I see the episodes with the new Arnold's I think of KC, Jenny Piccalo, Joanie with the poodle-doo, Chachi's bandana, Roger and (blech) Flip. The episodes were pretty good, but the jokes got dragged down by the seriousness of the plot at times.

My fav part was Fonzie and Al destroying the cake arguing over where everything should go and Fonzie's exit: "I'm not leaving without my table!!!" *grabs handful of cake and storms out*

Important point that I noticed - the whole argument about whether to rename the place "Fonzie's" or "Big Al's" was instigated by Potsie!!! - hmmmmmm....
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