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Originally posted by wayne
Do you ever imagine yourself in an episode of HD? I do in this one! As Fonzie I might have said to Bertha: "I know about what Chachi did to your kid sister,Rhonda. Disgraceful! I'm gonna personally talk to him & if he doesn't straighten up I'll personally shave his head! Woa!" Chachi dumped Ronda which is why the she-devils got him.

Don't at least 2 of the girls look familiar? One of them played Potsie's girlfriend in a camping trip organized by Rich. Another was also in the commercial by Howard that featured Hank Aaron.
yeah, i think the three that grabbed the guys in Arnold's were all recurring actors, although I don't remember who played what character in which episode...

and Big Bertha was a contributing writer for a number of episodes too
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