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Default Back From Commercial Break

(the show returns to find Dorothy and Rose waiting for Blanche to return from her date. Technically Dorothy is the only one up. If you catch my drift.)

Dorothy: (looking at Rose) This is unbelieveable. This is really unbelieveable, that a woman can just sleep anywhere. Well besides Blanche.

(Just then Blanche walks in and her heels wake up Rose.)

Blanche: Hi girls.

Dorothy: My talking couldn't wake you up Rose? This is really unbelieveable.

Rose: How was your date Blanche?

Blanche: Wonderful!! We had the greatest time.

Dorothy: She means before you went to the motel.

Blanche: I mean it, I had a nice time, where's Lucus?

Dorothy: Sleeping, he had a rough day.

Rose: Yeah, sitting on your fanny all day can wipe a person out.

Dorothy: For you information Rose, he's been car shopping this week. I need a new car.

Blanche: There's Nothing wrong with your car.

Dorothy: Let's just say, Lucus and I wore it out in the past 2 weeks.

Rose: Wore it out how Dorothy?

Blanche: OOOOH Dorothy Zbornak I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Rose: I can't believe you just called her Dorothy Zbornak.

Blanche: Did I call you that? Oh, I apologize.

Rose: Dorothy, how's Stan doing anyway?

Dorothy: The last I heard from him was when his new invention took off the ground.

Blanche: What was that?

Dorothy: Oxy-duster.

Rose: We won't ask.

Blanche: How are the kids?

Dorothy: Michael has his own record label, and Kate has become a lawyer.

Blanche: Rebecca finally got married. To a handsome doctor.

Dorothy: Rose, how are your kids doing?

Rose: (Snoring)

Dorothy: Let's leave her here.

Blanche: Let's go.

(The next morning, Rose is still at the table when the girls and Lucus walk in)

Lucus: This is so unreal. Rose get up.

Rose: Oh, not again. This is serious.

Blanche: I just realized something. The schedule Rose was on could be the problem.

Lucus: What schedule?

Dorothy: I remember, wasn't Rose working at McDonalds at night, like 6-12

Lucus: But that was like 3 years ago.

Blanche: But it still could have affected her sleeping patterns.

Rose: When I was working there, I would be drinking like 4 cups of coffee a night. Then on the way home, I drink another cup.

Blanche: What time were you getting asleep?

Rose: Like around 3 or 4.

Dorothy: And if you didn't get enough sleep, then you'd fall asleep even later in the day.

Lucus: Problem solved. Who wants coffee?

(The scene changes and the girls are sitting out on the Linai)

Rose: Dorothy, tell us how Sophia died.

Dorothy: (Sighs) Well she had a second stroke. This time it took, completely, both sides of her brain. God I miss that woman.

Rose: Miles died from a heart attack. But at least this time it wasn't when we were making love. It was on the way home from the grocery store, I was so scared. Two husbands, two heartattacks, two broken spririts.

Blanche: At least we're still here together, together forever.

(Goes to commercial)
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