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I agree with both of you, schmave and Huntington.

Portraying gay people as deserving respect regardless of whether you agree with their lifestyle; educating yourself on what HIV actually is; agonizing over how to deal with a friend who is contemplating suicide; encouraging a woman to stand up for herself when she's obviously being discriminated against in the workplace. To me, these episodes just reflect being good, decent human beings. Not necessarily being "uber-liberal."

And although I happen to be a Christian myself, I liked how they frequently revealed Sophia as the colossal hypocrite she was. Telling others that one little lie will "send you straight to Hell" all the while stealing on a regular basis, lying to her daughter on a regular basis, burning Rose's mouth with hot food because she enjoyed inflicting pain on people, sleeping with men while berating her daughter for doing the same, and making countless mean remarks to the people she lived with. This is why in real life, Sophia Petrillo would NOT be a friend of mine.
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