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Default Blanche's Little Girl Deleted Scene

How did Rebecca realize that her mother was right? Well, you'll find out.

"I wish I'd never come here!"

Those words echoed repeatedly through 22-year-old Rebecca's head. 'Was I too hard on her?' she thought as she walked with Jeremy through the terminal. No, she's interfered with my life too much. If Daddy were still alive, he'd respect Jeremy. She then thought, pushing the guilt away.

"We may need to reserve an entire seating row just for you." Jeremy said, chuckling.

Rebecca smiled, but in truth, she hated his insults. At first they were funny and he was just teasing, but now he was just plain being mean to her. "He's got you thinking that you need him, Rebecca. That's all backwards, honey, he needs you." Blanche's words repeated to her.

'It took Mama two whole weeks to summon up the courage to tell me. Maybe she's right. Maybe Jeremy isn't good enough for me.' She thought again.

As they neared a fountain, Jeremy said, "Be careful, Becky. Don't fall into the fountain. Miami doesn't need a big tsunami."

Those words really hit her below the belt. Rebecca had had enough. Mama was right!

She slapped him across the face and shouted, "You know what, Jeremy?! If I'm so fat, why don't you just find a thin girl?! Mama was right about you! You aren't good enough for me! In fact, you're not good at all! The wedding is off! You go back to Atlanta by yourself! What have I done? I need to get back to Mama's house!"

Recoiling from her slap, Jeremy yelled after her as she took off, "Fine! Go back to your mommy, fatso!" Rebecca ignored him, his words couldn't hurt her anymore.

Mama must really love me to summon up all that courage to tell me. Hopefully she's not too upset. Rebecca thought as she stepped outside to hail a cab.

How'd I do?
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