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A friend posted these Blanche Vs. Sophia quotes on another message board, and they made me laugh, so I'm posting them here:

Blanche: I know - we could hitchhike! I could lift up my skirt, like in that Clark Gable movie, It Happened One Night. We'll have a ride in no time!

Sophia: Please! You lift up your skirt, and someone might mistake your thigh for the "On" ramp to the freeway!

Blanche: It is mind over matter, Dorothy. Now, you can get up off that couch. You're feeling better already, Dorothy! You're not sick anymore! You can... HEAL YOURSELF! WALK, DOROTHY, WALK!

Sophia: Hey, just because you put your makeup on with a butter knife, doesn't make you Tammy Bakker.

Blanche: I never had to pay a penny in backtaxes. I have a way with auditors. The last time I was audited I even got money back from the government.

Sophia: Blanche, it's not a refund when the auditor leaves two twenties on your nightstand.

Blanche: Are you crazy, what will the neighbours think if they see two men in my bedroom?

Sophia: They'll think it's Tuesday.

Dorothy (to Blanche): How long did you wait to have sex after George died?
Sophia: Till the paramedics came.
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