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Here are a few I found that I had forgotten about that I love...

Dorothy- “You'll have to excuse my mother she was a witness to the Hindenburg Disaster.”

Dorothy-“Ma, why did I marry Stanley?”
Sophia- “Because he knocked you up.”
Dorothy- “Why did I let that happen?”
Sophia- “Because he got you drunk.”
Dorothy- “Why am I discussing this with you?”
Sophia- “Beats the hell out of me.”

Blanche- “In the south we mature faster, I think it's the heat.”
Dorothy- “I think it's the gin.”

Sophia- (after Dorothy tells her about Margeruite putting a 'curse' on them.)
“What's this crap about you putting a curse on my daughter?”
Dorothy- “We're all going to be turned into kumquats.”

This is during the Hunka-Hunka Burnin' Love Fan Club and they are passing around a porkchop that Elvis supposedly took a bite out of.
Dorothy- “This has to be a fake, I mean Elvis would never leave this much meat on a porkchop!” (laughing)

Sophia- “Dorothy, your father's on the phone.”
Dorothy- “Ma, Pop's been dead for 15 years.”
Sophia- “Oh, yeah. I mean what's for dinner?”

The girls are paying for their purchases at the drugstore when Blanche mentions that they should buy some condoms.
Blanche(to Dorothy)- “Maybe we should get some protection.”
Rose- “What kind of protection?”
Dorothy- “Two armed Pinkerton guards.”

The episode where Blanche's sister Virginia visits and tells Blanche that she's dying.
Dorothy brings in a baby.

Dorothy- “Look what I have!”
Rose- “It's a baby!”
Dorothy- “This is Danny!”
Blanche- “What is that, Dorothy?”
Dorothy- “It's a flounder, Blanche.”
Blanche- “You can't have that baby here, my sister's coming!”
Dorothy- “Does she eat them?”

Rose comes back from her cruise with Arnie and she tells Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche what she did while she was there.

Dorothy is introducing Sophia to the guy that she thought stood her up on prom night when it was actually Sophia who turned him away.
Dorothy- “You've met my lying, vicious toad of a mother!”
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