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Originally Posted by PhillySportsHater
I can see season 7 being the only bad season because that was the season that writers and producers had to get used to not having Richie and Ralph. By season 8 and 9, it was no longer a big deal
You mean 8th right? The 8th was the first without Richie.

I agree. Because Ron had an exclusive contract with NBC to direct tv movies he could not appear on ABC in any way. Though it sounds like he would have done guest appearance in the 8th season if allowed to. But all the constant references to Richie and about him not being there made the show seem stuck in its past.

It also did not help that Lori Beth was not given much to do without Richie. Other than the wedding episode and the pregnancy she did not have much to do. Its seems odd that she was made a regular cast member. Which is a shame. I have always liked Lynda Goodfriend! She is very cute! Good actress too.

The 10th season is the really OFF SEASON. No Joanie or Chachi expect guest appearances due to the spin-off. KC and FLip were never developed to well. IS it ever even explained what happened to them? Did they just disappear like Chuck? Flip COULD still be living with Roger but we don't ever see him. But he would have been at Joanie and Chaci's wedding then.

Wouldn't Joanie Loves Chachi have made more sense to have been tried after Happy Days ended? It might have fared better that way. Everyone knew they would get married. There was no mystery or suspense of whether they would breakup. Even the title of the show proved that. So them being newlyweds starting a band would have worked. Plus it would not have negatively affected Happy Days the way their absence in the 10th season did. Otherwise the show must have seemed like to much Happy Days at the same time. But after HD Joanie Loves chachi would have been the only place to see the characters. Guest appearances from characters, like the Fonz, would have been more special then.

I liked Ashley. I would have been nice to see her in at least one episode during the last season.

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