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It's possible that the issue of selling the house factored into the failure of The Golden Palace, although I'm sure the absence of Dorothy was the primary problem.

The notion that the three of them would suddenly decide to leave their beloved home and buy a hotel, which they would have to work hard to run at their advanced age, was so silly it just didn't ring true.....even in the context of a sit-com. Presumably, the house was paid for, so no mortgage to worry about. They all had their own bedrooms, had a history there, enjoyed the area they lived in, etc. Leaving such an ideal situation would have been a bigger deal than they reflected in the dialogue of the pilot episode.

I will always admit there were episodes of The Golden Palace I liked. I paid $30 to have them on DVD, and I don't regret it. But the basic concept for the show was rather silly, at best.
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