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Originally Posted by JR1
"Three on a Couch" (why wasn't it four?)
Because we don't count Sophia. It's the other three that are fed up living with each other; Sophia is just a live-in bystander to it all, lol.

Originally Posted by MikaelaArsenault
Didn't somebody leave the show (one of the girls)?
Not during the series, no, but the series finale was Dorothy's wedding and at the very end she moved out.

Originally Posted by bandonurse
Foreign Exchange bothered me because, despite the medical test results that Sophia tore up, it was obvious that she was not Dorothy's biological mother. Who wanted to learn that????
It's not obvious, it could just be a heavy coincidence. Besides, we see in one of the vignette episodes that Dorothy grew up to look like Sophia's mother, so she is indeed Sophia's daughter. That's what I choose to believe. Maybe some fans choose to believe Dorothy was the other Italian couple's daughter (I never liked the premise of that episode anyway, because I believe Dorothy is Sophia's; they even recast Gloria later in the series to make her tall and husky-voiced like Bea).

And amongst a lot of negativity here (I know, it's that kind of thread, lol), I like the vignette episodes.
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