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Originally Posted by safety pin
i agree.

this is my personal opinion, not that there should be an official rule against it; but i don't think that "classic" threads should be bumped up after they've died down. ticonderoga pencil, outrageous fears, chit chat club...those type of threads that we still reference years later and still find hilarious. i remember being disappointed when my first thread about was bumped up after a year of inactivity. things like that should just be left in the past where all the lulz of it took place. maybe i'm sounding too sentimental about something so ridiculous, but like i said, that's just my opinion. it would be bizarre for someone to get warned/suspended for bumping up a thread that everyone thought was funny.
Totally ditto that. Same with Chad/TF/EFD/DA HOME GUY threads, as random and weird as they may be. Like the Do You Like Toilet Water thread ( twice LOL)

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