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Originally Posted by PZelda
Like I said... It just makes more sense to start a new one than to bump up a REALLY old thread if THAT MUCH FREAKING TIME has elapsed. Really. Chances are that the OP either isn't posting or forgot they ever started the thread being bumped. THey're not going to care if you make a new thread.

I dunno about you guys, but I don't waste my time looking at old threads unless they're something ~epic~ from years ago that is probably already locked (see: ~epic~ fights that everybody wants to forget about because the whole thing is just so stupid, they've already buried their hatchets, etc). Even so, that's rare. And also even so, if I'm that desperate to post my opinion... I just go ahead and make a new thread. Read: which is RARELY EVER, I barely make new threads these days and I"m sure only a handful of them are based on old threads of yesterday, if at all.

For example. Let's say someone was to bump up Brian Damage's thread from November -- you know, the one about badmouthing people on other boards that turned into an epic thread with 600+ posts. You just don't do that. It's all been talked out, people have buried their hatchets, hell, people who posted in that thread aren't posting here now. And it was only two MONTHS ago when that thread was made.

Really. There shouldn't be any questions about bumping up old threads. I'm more than sure TJ has said something about this in the past before, because I've been here long enough. This board is VERY large and VERY populated and has way more relaxed rules than any other board that I visit. I'd have my head bitten off big-time if I decided I wanted to go on a thread-bumping spree on larger boards with more strict rules.
i agree.

this is my personal opinion, not that there should be an official rule against it; but i don't think that "classic" threads should be bumped up after they've died down. ticonderoga pencil, outrageous fears, chit chat club...those type of threads that we still reference years later and still find hilarious. i remember being disappointed when my first thread about was bumped up after a year of inactivity. things like that should just be left in the past where all the lulz of it took place. maybe i'm sounding too sentimental about something so ridiculous, but like i said, that's just my opinion. it would be bizarre for someone to get warned/suspended for bumping up a thread that everyone thought was funny.
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