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Originally Posted by Janice
Nobody is singling you out. I made a general request. Since you singled yourself out, there was no need to bump up a five year old Rate the person above you thread, when there's a new one one the Games forum. I'm also sure you could find a newer, Missing members thread than one that is six years old.

Sure no big deal, you're bored so you bump up old threads, then tell the Administrator that the staff should delete the old threads if we don't want them bumped up. Try that at another large message board and see how far you get. Be sure you use your moderator gun smilies and pour on the sarcasm. It's common sense. Why bump up very old threads when you can simply start a new one. Yeah, I'm sure the original poster would be offended, if they're still a member. The old threads are there for viewing. Nobody wants them deleted. TJ has talked about archiving them, but who knows.

Next time you're bored, find another way to amuse yourself. This Chit Chat forum is my responsibility, and I don't want it looking like like it's 2002. Okay, got that. I guess I learned a lesson here. Next time I issue a request, I guess I have to lock the thread.
I can't argue with you cause you are an admin althought I would love to so I will just end it with this post.
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