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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Kramden Vs. Norton" & "A Promotion":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Kramden Vs. Norton" & "A Promotion":

Episode #92
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Peacemaker."
DVD: Attached to "One Big Happy Family" & "Finders Keepers." On the remastered Lost Episodes DVD Box set, it is attached to “Teamwork Beats The Clock”, “The Brother-In-Law”, “Songwriters”, “Santa & The Bookies” (’54) & “A Promotion.”
Air Date: 1/15/55

In a 2011 interview, Joyce Randolph said that this episode is still lost. If she thinks that, I wish someone would prove her wrong. I would love to see and hear her reaction.

It's Norton's birthday. Ralph wants to get off cheap. Gee what a friend...NOT! When Ed comes down, Ralph says to Alice that he wants Alice to say that she wants to go to the movies while Ralph says that he wants to g to the Kit Kat Klub (a nightclub.) He says that a night out at a nightclub would cost a fortune. Alice then springs upon another idea, they would argue until its 12am. That way, it won't be Ed's birthday and they won't have to anywhere Ralph, being selfish, says that is a good idea. Ed comes down and reveals all the good things that have happened to him due to his birthday. He got a hand-carved Mahogany surfboard from the guys down in the sewer. He also recites part of the sewer theme song which I think "talks" about AJAX. (I am willing to bet that was a sponsor on the Gleason Show) Oh God! Ralph plans goes into action but fails when Alice says that she wants to go to the Kit Kat Klub. Ralph asks Alice to go into the bedroom with him. They have a small spat but you can't hear what they are saying and if you watch this episode in CC format, the CC has symbols in place of what Ralph and Alice are saying. Of course, Ralph and Alice aren't saying profanity because that wasn't acceptable on comedy shows back then. Ralph and Alice do the same thing in "Brother Ralph." In other words, in that episode, they go into the bedroom to have a quick spat. Only difference is, they do it two times in that episode. Anyway, Alice says that she wants to go to a cheap movie. Alice and Ralph give their present, a scarf with "E.L.W." on it. Ed's middle name is "Lilywhite." Ed Norton picks out one that is too violent for Trixie. It must have been rated-R or something. The little I know about old movies is that, back then, almost all movies were rated-G. They pick out a movie. As they leave, Ralph off-key-ly sings: "Happy Birthday" to Ed.

At the Theater, Ed wins the door prize, a color TV due to his winning ticket. The theater usher (or someone played by George Petrie) gets told of the situation and says that anyone who has handed the tickets to his friends would say: "I bought the ticket! The set belongs to me." He leaves just as Ed compliments Ralph. He says that his heart is really big. During this scene, you will see a big blotch appear on the screen for a few seconds. Ralph of course is showing through his facial expression that he's a bad sport. He says that since he got the tickets for all of them, the set belongs to him. Ralph insults Trixie. If Ed doesn't give Ralph the set, Ralph will reveal Ed's middle name which Ed is ashamed of. Ed says that if Ralph does that, he will reveal that Ralph wears a girdle. Ralph is ashamed of the fact that he wanted to wear a girdle but there is no girdle big enough for him. Ralph wants to fight with Ed. Trixie and Alice joins Ed in the fight. Ralph says that the fight now is unfair. Ed says that Ralph has them outweighed but they will fight him anyway. Ha! The arguing continues.

At home, Ralph has the picture tube of the set on the table. He and Alice discuss the whole situation. Ralph of course says that he is in the right while Alice says that he isn't. She brings up the fact that Ed saved Ralph from being kicked out of the Raccoons. Ralph was going to be kicked out for losing the tickets for a Raccoon dance. Ralph could care less. Ed comes in. According to Ed, Ralph is a miserable skunk. Ralph says that Ed is a miserable bum. Alice: "So miserable skunk, meet miserable bum." Alice says that both of them are in the wrong. Alice leaves the room. Ralph and Ed write notes to each other. Ed's note has insults on it, but he rips it in Ralph's face, saying that he will never learn what was on the note now. Ralph kicks him out.

Ralph and Alice go to play pool. This is one scene where Ralph has to teach Alice some things. He teaches Alice how to play pool. Alice has funny names for all the pool balls. She also mistakes a bridge for a pool cue. When Alice tries to hit the ball, she accidentally throws the cue like it was a javelin. When Ralph goes to play pool, men form the other room, ridicule Ralph yelling: "WHY DON'T YOU SHOOT THE STRAWBERRY RED ONE IN THE SIDE?" Ralph says that if has to come into that other room, the only thing left will be smoke. Ed and Trixie come in. Ralph and Ed try to ignore each other but that doesn't work. Ralph challenges for Ed and Trixie to play him and Alice. Ralph and Ed bet that if their team wins, the other team has to give them something that I don't remember. Alice accidentally hits the ball like she is playing Lacrosse Ralph doesn't know that Trixie is an expert pool player. Ralph learns that. Ralph (yells): "THE BET IS OFF!" Ralph says that Ed lied to him by saying that Trixie couldn't play. Of course, Ed didn't say that. Ralph says he is going out to get a warrant for Ed's arrest.

At night court, Ralph calls Ed a bum in his testimony. During Trixie and Alice's testimony, we learn that Trixie's real name is Thelma. Ed didn't know that. When was the last time that a husband didn't know his wife's real name? The judge gets told the whole story and that if Ralph said to Ed: "Here's your ticket", then Ed deserves the TV set but if he didn't, then Ralph deserves the set. Ralph doesn't know if he said that to Ed. During Alice's testimony, we hear that the Kramdens and the Nortons met when Ed invited the Kramdens out to dinner the day they moved in at 328 Chauncey Street despite the fact that in other episodes, Ralph and Ed met during their childhood. As Alice relates to the judge the history of Ralph and Norton's friendship, the boys break down in tears and each forsakes his claim to the TV in exchange for the other's friendship. Ed: "All I want is you Ralph." If a person watched this and had no information about the Honeymooners and what was TV like back then, they would probably assume that Ed and probably Ralph were bisexual or gay.

In footage that you will only see on the remastered Lost Episodes DVD Box set, Jackie comes out for the curtain call and thanks Art, Audrey & Joyce. They all come out to take their bows. Jackie then says “Good night.”

Episode #93 (Syndicated episode #93)
TV: In two-parts.
VCR: Attached to "Hot Tip."
DVD: Attached to "Two Men on a Horse", "The Check-Up" & "Hot Tip." On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Teamwork Beats The Clock”, “The Brother-In-Law”, “Songwriters”, “Kramden Vs. Norton” & “Santa & The Bookies” (’54).
Air Date: 1/22/55

According to John K’s Book “To The Moon”, this episode is entitled: “The Promotion.”

Inside the 328 Chauncey Street building, it is FREEZING! Alice and Trixie are wondering themselves when they are going get heat in what Trixie calls "this three story igloo." While they are talking, it is revealed that Ed is taking a bath, even though there is no hot water and it's freezing. Trixie leaves. Ralph runs in with some exciting news. Alice asks if Ralph ran up the stairs. He did even though it is not good for him. Alice says that Ralph running up the stairs is not good for the stairs either. Ha! Ralph has been promoted to assistant cashier tot he assistant cashier. Gee, I never heard of being an assistant to an assistant before. Ralph says that it is freezing so he asks why. Alice says the reason is because the heater is broken and the janitor said that there is no way to fix it until the pipes are fixed. Ralph says that in order to get heat in this building, you got to talk to the janitor in a tough fashion. He leaves.

Ed comes in wearing a very big fur coat. He had to chop himself out of the tub when he took a bath in cold water and cold heat. Alice breaks the news that Ralph got a promotion to Ed. Ed leaves soon after. Ralph comes back in. He said that the janitor will get heat in the building as soon as the pipes are fixed. Ralph tells Alice that he wants to be the first person to tell Ed that he got a promotion. Ed comes back in after Ralph goes into the bedroom to wear more warm clothing. Alice tells Ed that when Ralph breaks out the news, act surprised. Ralph comes tells him the news. Ed fails miserably in acting surprised and Ralph notices it too. Alice says that she told Ed about the promotion before Ralph told her to not tell. Trixie comes in and says to Ralph congratulations on getting the promotion. Ralph says: "At least, I was the first person to tell the janitor about my promotion." The janitor comes in and says that since he can't fix the pipes now and because its 5pm, he is leaving. The landlord won't pay him for overtime. Ralph doesn't care. He wants heat. Ralph asks where the landlord is. The janitor says: "Florida. He can't stand this cold weather." The janitor leaves. Ralph and Ed concoct a plan to get heat in at least in the Kramden apartment He will go downstairs and blow heat in the pipe that goes to the Kramden apartment. He leaves. When he finds the pipe and blows the heat, it gets Ralph in the face. Ralph tries to get even by dumping water down the tube, hoping that Ed will get the water in the face. That doesn't work as the water somehow ends up back in Ralph's face. Ed comes back inside. Alice says that since they have no heat, they will move back into their mother's for the time being. Ralph says no because her place isn't big enough even though he lived in there before. Alice: "My mom's place isn’t getting smaller." Ed: "Ralph is getting bigger." Ha! Ralph and Ed concoct a new plan. They will put a lit cigarette in the stove. They do that but when they smell smoke because of their idea, they try to get in fresh air. Ed breaks the kitchen window with a chair, thereby not only letting snow from the outside to come in, but steaming Ralph and costing him a lot of money as well. Regardless, this was a funny moment. This was also one of the few times that real glass was used for the kitchen window in the Kramden apartment. Ralph kicks him out. Ed leaves, but not before saying: "It will be a cold day..." Ralph (yells): "OUT!"

On the first day on the job, Ralph is having trouble counting money because everyone in the office is distracting him. He also has a cold. The bus company has a shortage of money in one of the money packets. He is trying to figure which stacks of $25 don't have $25. Ralph also has a desk that probably isn't even his. One man comes up to Ralph and notices his cold. He says to open a window when he comes home. Ralph: "We all ready got one open." After everyone in the office leaves, the security guard comes in asking if Ed Norton can come in. He also says something like: "After Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Murray, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Rogers & Mr. Williams leave, you are the boss." Ralph (acting as if he is a big shot): "Send him in." Ed comes in. He and Ralph talk about his job. Ralph says that if he becomes President, he will be the same good person he always is. Ralph also says that two of the stacks of $25 do not have $25. Ed helps by flipping the money close to his ear. With that, he determines that one stack has $28. Ralph: "When did you learn to do that?" Ed: "I picked that up by working in the sewer. What you got to see, you got to hear. Ed spots a safe that according to him, Fort Knox has nothing on. Ralph says that he is in charge of that safe. Ralph says that he has to put the stacks of $25 in that safe before he leaves. Ralph goes over how good the safe is, like after it is closed because of a time lock, it can't be open until 8am tomorrow. Ralph also says that the door, although it looks big, it can be moved with a touch of a finger. Ralph closes it before putting the money in. D'oh! Not a good move. Ralph realizes it and now is scared that he is fired and finished. He doesn't want to tell Alice about his mistake so he puts the money in a brown paper bag and takes it home. While at home, he puts it in a place where Alice can't find it.

While at home, Ralph is very sick. He insists on not going to bed early and on going to work tomorrow because according to him, the second day on the job is the most important day on the job. Sure! Alice goes over all the excuses Ralph has made for taking the day off from work. One of them is staying home from work for two days because of a hangnail. Gee! Alice leaves. Ed comes in. Ralph says that he put the money in the dresser. He and Ed go over the argument that Ralph and Alice are having, that being Ralph wanting to go to work even though he is very sick. Alice comes back. She got on the phone with a doctor, told him what sickness Ralph has, and tells Ralph that the doctor should go to bed early and stay in there all day tomorrow. Alice goes into the bedroom. Ralph and Ed come up with a solution: Ralph will go to bed early, but leave early tomorrow to deposit the money. Ralph tells that Alice that she won and he is going to bed. He puts the bag of money into the ice box because he is afraid that Alice will spot the money. Ralph gets the blanket and pillows and goes into the bedroom.

Trixie enters with groceries and asks Alice if she can put some in her ice box. Alice takes out the bag of money. Ed looks what is going on and gets Ralph. He and Ralph go through each bag, much to the girls chagrin. Finally, he thinks he got the bag of money and when the Nortons leave, Alice spots the bag of money that was on the kitchen table. Ralph explains to her the whole situation. But instead she is sympathetic. She tells Ralph that maybe it will be better if he called the boss and told him the whole thing, but Ralph says that he will feel better if he woke up early and deposited the money before he officially starts his work day. Ralph: "I have a few things going for me: "I am going to work early, I am going to the office and Norton is not helping me." Gee, that's a nice thing to say about your best friend...NOT!

That night, at the bus company, the safe is blown open by crooks. The next morning, when Ralph arrives at work with the money, he finds a room full of bus-company executives (including his boss) and cops, who are convinced Ralph's the thief. Ralph tells him the whole story and that since the crooks couldn't find the money because it wasn't in there and because he had it, he's a hero. Ed Norton comes in. The cop says that he must be Ralph's "accomplice." Cop: "I saw him trying to escape by going down a sewer." Ed: "I am going to tell you for the tenth time, I work down that sewer." Just as Ralph and Ed are going to be sent to jail, the phone rings. It's a cop saying that the real bad guys in this whole situation have been caught. Ralph's boss apologizes but Ed doesn't think that an apology is good enough. He goes over all the good things that Ralph has done at the bus company and he is appalled that Ralph's boss thought that Ralph would do such a thing. Ed: "If Ralph leaves this company, you are losing a walking suggestion box." He also says that he and Ralph quit. What? Ed doesn't even work for the bus company. He tells Marshall how dedicated Ralph is and enumerates Ralph's ideas for saving the company money. Marshall decides Ralph's too valuable to the company to be sitting at a desk, so he tells Ralph he's going back to driving a bus -- and into training as assistant bus dispatcher. Ralph thanks Norton. Ed: "I may appear to be a scatterbrain, but inside here (his head), the wheels are turning 24 hours a day Ralph."

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo! Groups You're A Riot! &
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