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Here are the season 1 episode run times:

The Presentation-23:49
Hangin' with Michelle-23:48
On the Rebound-23:47
Please Pass the Jock-23:47
Warriors, Part I-23:43
Warriors, Part II-23:40
Torn Between Two Teachers-23:46
My Dinner with Mark-23:20
Miracle in Oaktown-23:37
In Vanessa We Trust-23:31
Forbidden Fruit-23:43
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying-24:00
Valentine's Day Massacre-23:48
Boyz in the Woodz-23:37
Boys Don't Leave-23:25
The Unteachables-24:17
Piano Lesson-23:27
P.M.S.: Post Moving-in Syndrome-23:47
A Moving Experience-23:47
Livin' a Large Lie-22:59

Some episodes run a little on the short side but it doesn't seem to be because of music edits. All music (to my knowledge) is intact. These seem to be the original broadcast versions.
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