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I grew up in that era and please take my word for it. Most men could not type and the only way to learn was to take a course in high school. If a male did he was scoffed at, ridiculed and laughed at. In college where book reports and term papers had to be typed, double spaced, guys paid girls to type their papers for them. A girl in college didn't do it but a neighborhood girl to make a few bucks. I graduated with a BBA and a masters in marketing. Turned out to be worthless but I did. In all those years, if memory stands there were three girls in my class. The only major they were in was education as many men didn't want to teach.

The term "career women" was not in vogue and if a women didn't get married by her early 20's she was a spinster and something was wrong with her. Prejudice and bias were still big in the 50's.

Women didn't have to serve on juries as their place was in the home.
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