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Oh yes, but as sad as this is going to sound, I think the black people in the south were so used to such things, that it hardly even bothered them. Of course I'm not saying, that things like "white bathrooms" and "colored bathrooms" were good, but many people, both white and black, knew about it and simply learned to live with it, to a point where they hardly thought about it. So I actually don't think people in general found it that horrible. They just saw it as the way things were. But of course, some people did start thinking about it, so it started changing during the 60s and 70s, so by the 50s, the segregation was dying out anyway.

And about women's right, well, I think in the 1950s, girls and women were equal to boys and men. Maybe they didn't do the same things, but the worst oppression of females were already gone by thenAnd about girls still being frowned upon, if they wore pants... Well, my mum often wore pants, when she grew up, and she grew up in the 50s. But for some werid reason, the popular girls in her class had decided, that everybody had to wear a dress or a skirt for needle work class. Well, this was of course some years before boys could take needle work and girls could take wood shop, so only the girls had to follow this, since the boys all took wood shop. But I still think, that it was weird...

And I agree with D-Dey. Communism was a real threat bad then. Well, I'm Swedish, so I'm not so familar with what McCarthy did, but considering how dangerous the times were, people might just have gone too far out of fear.

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