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Originally Posted by KurtfromPitts
All "big 4" sports leagues-MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL-had far fewer teams than today.
So why is that a negative.?

Baseball had 8 teams in each division and you played each team 22 times. You had a chance to see all the stars and build a real competitive nature. Now sometimes you paly two games against a team in a different division.

Fewer teams, had less garbage in the big leagues. You had to be a player to be in the majors.

The NBA began with the Eastern division consisting of the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Syracuse Nationals and Philadelphia Warriors. Went to the Garden on Tuesday night and saw quality games, with quailty players. Now there are players that are glorified college players, just around to fill up the bench.

Don 't know where plenty equates with quality.


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