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Originally posted by Original Prankster
He set himself up for it. You may think me to be an *******, but that is only your opinion. I know many people here who wouldn't classify me as so. So Mr. Doody, if you know your friend so well, why didn't he he simply answer my question when posed instead of posting that doofy face? I wouldn't have insulted him if he simply didn't avoid the question so many times. And about that last comment, cute. But I'm not getting these from a dictionary. It's something called inteligence.
I Dont Know why he made the face, Thats his business. But i really dont think its Neccesary to Insult his Intelligence like that. I Know TF Quite well and he isnt stupid, Im guesing he just put that smiley their to annoy you. That doesnt mean hes an idiot.

I Apoligize if i went a bit too far in my post, Its just that when i see a friend get insulted i do the first thing that comes to me.

I Agree we should just end this. No one said we all have to be good friends, But theirs also no reason why we should carry on fighting like this.
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