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I like Mrs. Canby and enjoy the scenes taking place at the Bunker house over the bar. I know it's called "Archie Bunker's Place", but the characters at the bar are so uninteresting to me.

And that smoking, drunken, attitude filled Veronica is so unlikable! Ugh! I can't stand her (but do love the actress on King of Queens).

I think the show should've just been titled "Archie" and shown more interaction to his new home life with Steffie and Mrs. Canby. I love watching the scenes with the 3 of them and find myself tuning out of the bar scenes.

I'm sticking with it until the end of the run just to see how it all develops, but won't tune in when it cycles around again.

Archie just isn't Archie without Edith, his little girl, and the Meathead.
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