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Originally Posted by Wildchats
Instead of Dorthy marrying Lucas, how would you have ended the show?

I think Miles should have been involved in the series finale in some way. He and Rose were still together, then they broke them up on The Golden Palace. I think Rose marrying Miles would have been a good way to end the series. I also think something bad could have happened to Stan, say a heart attack or a cancer scare or something, and he and Dorothy could have gotten closer in the end and they would have ended up together again. Sophia would have been sent to a good nursing home in the end, not Shady Pines. Blanche would have had the house to herself in the end.
Didn't they try that storyline with Stan and Dorothy getting closer in one episode,but he ended up cheating on her again? I agree about Rose and Miles,but the producers evidently wanted more mileage out of the characters for The Golden Palace. As for Sophia,I think it might have been perceived by some viewers as Dorothy dumping her mother in a home and detracted from the goodwill surrounding her wedding.
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