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Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
Given that Mary Jane was rarely even given the opportunity to do Vivian Vance-type scenes, and did not play a character that was meant to stand up to Lucy like Ethel/Viv did, drawing that kind of comparison is unfair. It's comparing apples and oranges. For the kind of role she was given, which was not as an Ethel/Viv-type character, I think she was great.
Yea I see what you mean, Mary Jane usually doesn't have the involvement in the episodes like Viv did. Gale Gordon basically took over Viv's role after she left. But Lucy still needed a female friend to play off of. I agree, Mary Jane did a great job with the role she was given.

In The Lucy Show episode Lucy Gets Trapped, Mary Jane has a bigger role in that one. She goes shopping with Lucy, and Lucy causes havoc at the department store. Lucy pretended to be sick so Mr. Mooney would send her home, then she went shopping and ended up getting more attention than she bargained for. That's a funny episode.
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