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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl
I don't mean to kill the party mood. BUT , IMO how many posts a person has or how many posts are on a thread is like ,Who cares? Whatever!!! Nothing to be really excited and posting about !!! But that is just my opinion!!

I wish everyone would stop posting about how many posts they have. It is really boring and like I said it's a TOTALLY WHO CARES type of thing!!!!!!!

I don't mean to be a B*tch, but that is my thought at the moment!
I think this thread should be a fun end-of-year event. It's not so much posting for posting's sake, it's more about having a good time and the 1000 posts is more of an underlying secondary goal. We might go above or below, but the point is to have fun doing random chatting and close out the year! It'd be great if you could join us Bonnie!
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